Principles of compliance with human rights and environmental due diligence requirements

BILSTEIN  and thyssenkrupp are committed to the highest sustainability standards, which encompass good corporate governance and environmental and social responsibility. As an international group of companies we source raw materials, goods and services from around the world.

The human person is always at the center of everything we do. This applies to everyone equally, both to our own employees and to our suppliers.

At BILSTEIN, our mission statement has created a group-wide compass which guides our actions and our conduct. It goes without saying that the respect of human rights and of fundamental environmental standards forms part of our basic value system.

Our values such as personal responsibility, openness and transparency as well as lawful and ethically correct behavior at all times play an important role in this.


Our Commitment

Human Rights

We comply with all applicable laws, statutory provisions, and standards in countries where we operate or are based, and we expect our suppliers to do the same. Where national laws include more comprehensive provisions than those applicable at BILSTEIN itself, national law prevails. We stand against Child labor, discrimination in any form and forced labor, and support the freedom of association, freedom of speech and appropriate compensation.

Occupational Health and Safety

Preventing accidents and work-related illnesses is not only a focus topic in our own production but a key aspect of our expectations towards suppliers. We expect suppliers to install and apply an adequate occupational health and safety management system.

Environmental responsibility

Fundamental environmental standards are part of our basic value system. This implies that production does not cause harmful soil change, water pollution, air pollution, harmful noise emissions or excessive water consumption. Our standard also includes that no unlawful appropriation of land, forests, and waters will be tolerated. We firmly stand against any violation of environmental obligations.



A question of mindset

To us compliance is much more than just abiding by the law: compliance is a question of mindset. This includes our clear commitment that BILSTEIN stands exclusively for fair and straight business. We would rather sacrifice a contract than win it by breaking the law.

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Complaints procedure by thyssenkrupp AG

As an international group, thyssenkrupp has a social responsibility: Our sustainable business success is based on innovation, technological expertise, quality and customer focus. Strict adherence to applicable rules and laws determines our responsible conduct — compliance is therefore a top priority. All information received will be treated confidentially, with the option of reporting anonymously. Find out more about our accessible and public complaints procedure, which allows you to raise any concerns you may have.

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