BILSTEIN Dominates Motorsports with Triple Victory Weekend

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June 10, 2024 4 min read

June 10, 2024 – BILSTEIN, a leader in high-performance shock absorbers, celebrated a triumphant weekend in motorsports with victories across three distinct racing genres: Ultra4 USA off-road racing, AMSOIL Championship off-road short course racing, and DIRTCar super late model racing. The stellar performance across these events highlights the versatility and superiority of BILSTEIN’s shock technology.

DIRTCar Series: 30th Annual Dirt Late Model Dream

Rossburg, Ohio, witnessed a complete BILSTEIN sweep over the weekend with preliminary night wins from Ricky Thornton, Jr. and Devin Moran. They also saw another electrifying performance as Jonathan Davenport clinched first place in the 30th Annual Dirt Late Model Dream on June 8. This victory marks a back-to-back win for Davenport and BILSTEIN, reaffirming their dominance in the super late model racing circuit. Equipped with BILSTEIN’s AS2-R and Bump Stops, Davenport’s car demonstrated unparalleled control and speed, solidifying his place at the top of the podium.

Full weekend results below:

Preliminary Night 1 Summary:

  • Top 5: 3 cars on BILSTEIN
  • Top 10: 5 cars on BILSTEIN
  • Total Field: 45% of the field on BILSTEIN

Preliminary Night 2 Summary:

  • Top 5: 4 cars on BILSTEIN
  • Top 10: 4 cars on BILSTEIN
  • Total Field: 40% of the field on BILSTEIN

30th Annual Dirt Late Model Dream Summary:

  • Top 5: 3 cars on BILSTEIN
  • Top 10: 6 cars on BILSTEIN
  • Total Field: 40% of the field on BILSTEIN

Ultra4 USA Off-Road Racing: Branik Motorsports Badlands Brawl

In Attica, Indiana, the rugged terrain of the Branik Motorsports Badlands Brawl set the stage for an impressive victory in the 4400 Class. Cade Rodd emerged victorious, showcasing his skill and the resilience of BILSTEIN’s M 9200 Series Bypass, Coilovers, and Bumps. Rodd’s win underscores BILSTEIN’s commitment to delivering top-notch performance even in the most challenging off-road conditions.

AMSOIL Championship Off-Road: Antigo Off-Road National

In Antigo, Wisconsin, the AMSOIL Championship Off-Road series saw Ryan Beat take first place in the Pro 2 class at the Antigo Off-Road National. Beat’s vehicle, fitted with BILSTEIN’s M 9200 Series Bypass, Coilovers, and Bumps, navigated the challenging short course with precision and agility, showcasing the exceptional capabilities of BILSTEIN’s shock absorbers in off-road short course racing.

Full weekend results below:

Round 3 (Saturday)                                                                                                             


  • Mickey Thomas – 1st                                                                                                                             
  • Ryan Beat – 2nd
  • Rickey Gutierrez – 9th

Pro Lite

  • Trey Gibbs – 1st
  • Johnny Holtger – 2nd
  • Carson Brown – 5th
  • Carson Parrish – 8th

Round 4 (Sunday)


  • Ryan Beat – 1st
  • Mickey Thomas – 2nd


  • Trey Gibbs – 1st
  • Johnny Holtger – 2nd


  • Christopher Parrish – 1st

BILSTEIN’s success across these three diverse racing events is a testament to their engineering excellence and dedication to motorsports. Each victory not only highlights the superior performance of their shock absorbers but also reinforces BILSTEIN’s position as a trusted partner for top-tier racers.

As BILSTEIN continues to innovate and push the boundaries of suspension technology, these victories serve as a reminder of their unwavering commitment to quality and performance. With a winning formula that spans multiple racing genres, BILSTEIN remains at the forefront of motorsports excellence.

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