Justin Park Dominates the 2024 SCORE Baja 500 with BILSTEIN 700F Racing Team

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June 5, 2024 2 min read

In an incredible display of endurance and skill, Justin Park, and his BILSTEIN 700F Racing Team, conquered the grueling 2024 SCORE Baja 500. This victory stands as a testament to meticulous preparation, unwavering determination, and the superior performance of BILSTEIN shocks.

The journey to victory began after a punishing Baja 1000. The team meticulously overhauled the vehicle, servicing or replacing almost every part except the motor. Despite setbacks during Baja 500 pre-run efforts due to a failed UTV steering box and a lengthy contingency inspection, the team remained resilient.

The race kicked off with Justin Park and Todd Fasching handling the first half of the course, navigating through heavy traffic and ever-changing terrain. The desert heat soared to 110 degrees, causing fuel pumps to overheat. Ingeniously, the team employed a windshield washer pump and mini garden sprayer with ice water to cool the pumps. Despite running out of water and getting stuck in deep sand, their resourcefulness prevailed. Using recovery boards, they freed the truck and powered through the scorching desert.

As the sun set, temperatures dropped, and the second team, Cole Andrews and Adrian Padilla, took over. They had a smooth run to the coast but faced challenges on the return climb to Ensenada, including getting high-centered and being pushed off track by other racers. With the help of fellow competitors, they overcame these obstacles and continued their relentless push.

After 18 hours and 2 minutes of intense racing, Justin Park and the BILSTEIN 700F Racing Team triumphantly crossed the finish line, well within the 20-hour limit. This victory underscores the outstanding performance of BILSTEIN 9200 Series Bypass and Coilover shocks, which withstood extreme heat and harsh terrain, ensuring the vehicle’s reliability throughout the race.

Looking ahead, the BILSTEIN 700F Racing Team is gearing up for the Baja 400 in September and the legendary Baja 1000 in November. With an eye on the Milestone Award, given for completing every mile of all four races, the team is committed to finishing every race and continuing their winning streak.

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