New location with 7-post vertical dynamics test rig directly at the Nürburgring

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July 13, 2021 5 min read

Holistic suspension development at the highest level

BILSTEIN consistently expands service for car manufacturers and racing teams

BILSTEIN continues to consistently expand its service for car manufacturers, racing teams and tuning companies. In Meuspath, right next to the Nürburgring, the shock absorber and suspension specialist is opening a new BILSTEIN site with a brand new vertical dynamics test stand. It’s not just the development of our own premium products that should benefit from this. Customers and partners in particular will then be able to draw on state-of-the-art technology and advice from BILSTEIN for their suspension analysis and development: With the new BILSTEIN 7-Post-Rig, the only one directly at the Nürburgring, every racetrack can be driven in one place. The central location at the Nürburgring results in unbeatable cost and time savings for our customers and partners.

Only 7-post vertical dynamics test rig at the Nürburgring

The location in the industrial park was not chosen by chance. Because this is where the heart of performance development in the automotive industry beats: not only do all the well-known car manufacturers and tuning companies test on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. Many car manufacturers also operate their own test centres in the industrial estate directly on the Döttinger Höhe, and numerous international racing teams have their headquarters here. “Our credo has always been to be where we can support our partners. A test bench somewhere in the provinces was never an option for us,” says Dr. Peter Klaus Kirner, Chairman of the Management Board at BILSTEIN. “That’s why it was clear to us early on that there could only be one location for our 7-post vertical dynamics test bench: In the heart of motorsport – directly at the Nürburgring!”

Unique technological possibilities throughout Europe

The Ennepetal-based company is bringing Formula 1 technology in the field of suspension development to the Nürburgring for the first time. The new BILSTEIN 7-Post Vertical Dynamics Test Bench is one of the most modern in Europe. The “7-poster” can be used to examine the body behaviour of a very wide range of vehicles: Here, four hydraulic rams simulate road excitations in the vertical direction. Acceleration sensors and spring travel transducers on each wheel and on the suspension then measure the vehicle and wheel movements resulting from the excitations of the hydraulic rams. In this way, an optimal spring-damper design can be determined. The three additional hydraulic rams make it possible to take an even closer look at the complex driving dynamics – and can even simulate the influences of aerodynamics on the suspension: They simulate not only downforce but also pitch and roll movements of the body.

With the new BILSTEIN 7-Post-Rig, complete racetracks can also be simulated, so that racing teams can test track-specific set-ups. Even the driving behaviour on individual track sectors can be examined. The advantages are obvious: racing teams and manufacturers gain a precise and complete understanding of the suspension in the shortest possible time, and can jointly investigate and optimise the handling at specific parameters and develop the optimum settings.

You also benefit from an enormous time saving with less wear and tear on the expensive mechanics and overall reduced costs. In addition, the location directly at the Nürburgring results in significantly lower logistics costs and there is the advantage of repeat accuracy, which is not available on the racetrack.

The all-round, worry-free service also includes holistic, highly professional support and analysis. Martin Malinowski will be responsible for operating the BILSTEIN 7-Post Rig. The engineer has already been intensively involved with vertical dynamics test rigs for around 15 years. “There are few engineers who have more experience with 7-post rigs than Martin,” says a delighted Martin Flick, Head Of Motorsport at BILSTEIN. Among other things, the 41-year-old worked for various 7-post vertical dynamics test rig operators for many years and was jointly responsible for five world championship titles for the Formula 1 team in a similar capacity as Test & Development Engineer at Mercedes-AMG-Petronas.

New development level for holistic suspension tuning

“Especially in OE series development, the demands on the suspension are becoming more and more demanding and complex. With our new shock absorber and suspension development division, we can support our partners and customers in an even more targeted manner.”

Carsten Obst, Vice President Sales OEM bei BILSTEIN

Thanks to the perfect symbiosis of experience, technology and the wide range of testing possibilities on the road, racetrack and test bench, BILSTEIN guarantees a new development level for holistic suspension tuning.

Even more performance in the aftermarket

“And the development and further development of our aftermarket products will also benefit from the completely new possibilities. Traditionally, we not only want to meet the high expectations of our customers. We want to constantly exceed them – whether in the area of series replacement or in the performance aftermarket. Our new test bench therefore provides us with another opportunity to realise the perfect driving experience for each product, complementing our unique road test.”

Christoph Henkel, Head of Sales, Product Management & Marketing – Aftermarket Business bei BILSTEIN

On 13 July 2021, the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony will take place at the new building that has already been started – directly on the roundabout in the centre of the industrial estate at the Nürburgring. There is no way around BILSTEIN.

Pioneers with petrol in their blood

With numerous podium finishes and championship titles in races and rallies of various series, BILSTEIN has become an integral part of motor sports.

Bilstein Motorsport

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